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It Takes a Village

At Village Surrogacy, we’re committed to simplifying the surrogacy process for all parties. We don’t add hidden costs or fees, and we don’t over-complicate the process to justify those fees. As a trusted surrogacy agency in North Carolina, we spend the time recruiting high-quality gestational carriers, who are pre-screened, and then we handpick the right gestational carrier for each of our intended parents.

Why Village Surrogacy?

Deciding to grow your family is a life-changing decision, and for couples who learn that their options for growing their family are not what they originally imagined, the journey that follows can be full of highs and lows. Many couples that embark on a surrogacy journey are both thrilled at the possibility, and confused by the complexity. Many intended parents turn to surrogacy agencies to assist with and de-mystify the process, but are instead met with exorbitant fees and considerable administrative hurdles.

We created Village because we believe that there is a better way to match intended parents with high quality gestational carriers, but to do so in a way that is easy to understand, and which gives Intended Parents the ability to choose and pay only for the services they actually value.

Surrogacy Agency for Intended ParentsSimplified Fees

Our fee and service structures were developed so that our intended parents pay for only those services that are required to help them find a highly qualified gestational carrier match.

By eliminating the often unnecessary agency “administrative items” and heavy overhead expenses that provide little tangible value to clients, we keep our fees significantly lower than other surrogacy agencies, resulting in material cost savings for our intended parents. This allows intended parents to save their money for the many expenses related to achieving and maintaining the pregnancy, and then for raising happy and healthy babies!

Reduce Risks

We realize that failed matches can be a source of great frustration and disappointment for all parties involved in the process. Village reduces the risk of a failed match by doing extensive pre-screenings of gestational carrier candidates before they are included in our portfolio, including an initial mental health screening by a licensed mental health professional.

Read more about our gestational carrier qualifications and our pre-screening process!

Comprehensive Services

At Village, lower fees do not result in lower standards of service. We work efficiently and leverage existing relationships with mental health, legal and medical providers who are experts in surrogacy to become a part of your family-building team. 

At Village, we believe that it truly does “take a village” in order for the surrogacy process to be effective, and we’ll work with you to ensure that your “village” consists of highly competent industry leaders who will be with you during each step of your journey. As the most trusted surrogacy agency in North Carolina, we ring the Village to you so that care and support are available to you in the ways that matter most!

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We’re excited to be a part of your journey by using our “Village” to help create your family!

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