Consulting Services

The "General Contractor" for Your Family Construction Project

Imagine building a house without a general contractor. There is usually a roofer, a plumber, and an electrician. Each of whom is an expert in his/her own field. What if there is no one to oversee the whole project? No one who understands how it all fits together as a whole, no one to call if the plumber walks off the job, or if the electrician explains something, and you don’t understand?

Village Consulting was conceived when we realized that a surrogacy journey is profoundly complicated, and there is no central resource for coordination and support. Your doctor can help you with the medical part but has no idea about the legal issues. Your attorney will answer your legal questions but is not available when your carrier calls and tells you that her husband is about to lose his job, and therefore her health insurance. Your surrogacy consultant is the person on the end of the phone no matter what the issue. She is the general contractor of your family construction project.

When Should Intended Parents Utilize Village’s Consulting Services Rather Than Signing Up With The Agency? ​

Our surrogacy agency platform is best suited for intended parents who have resolved their questions about the surrogacy process and are ready to begin the search for their gestational carrier. For parents who have questions about donors, surrogacy or family construction options in general, who are not ready to commit to a specific agency or even to an agency model, or for parents who desire not to work with an agency (because they have located a gestational carrier from among their friends or family, or just want to do it “on their own”), we recommend that you engage with our consultants so that you can receive support and advice where you value it most.

What Information & Assistance Do Consultants Provide? ​

Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge about the surrogacy process, and work with our intended parents on a wide variety of questions and issues. Our consulting practice offers packages and services for intended parents who are unsure if surrogacy is the right path for them and want to explore all options for growing their family, to intended parents who just want one central resource to be available for them throughout the journey to help guide and demystify the process (a surrogacy “quarterback” if you will), to intended parents who want total wraparound support and concierge service from beginning to end with any and every issue that arises.


We offer a number of different packages to accommodate any desired level of support ranging from a la carte hourly services to a full suite of package options. We’re confident that our structure truly has an option that works for everyone. If you would like additional information about the consulting packages and fees, please email us at [email protected].