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Why Village Surrogacy?

We provide you with a “village” of competent and compassionate support and guidance throughout your surrogacy journey.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We are a boutique regional agency that provides concierge matching services and personalized care to everyone in our village, including you!

  • Our surrogates receive generous compensation packages ranging from $50,000 to $85,000. These packages include:

    • Financial assistance for maternity clothes, housekeeping, childcare, lost wages, travel, and other customary items.
    • Additional compensation for completing certain milestones in your journey, such as embryo transfer and the confirmation of pregnancy.
    • Professional administration of an escrow account by a third-party professional escrow agent.
  • Our regional focus means that the intended parents you work with will live closer to you, allowing the parents to actively participate in the journey and provide you with tons of support.

  • Our gestational carriers are more than a name in a database. We endeavor to really know our surrogates, allowing you to be matched more quickly with high-quality parents who meet your preferences and requirements.

  • We have a “village” of professional relationships and decades of experience in the surrogacy field. We bring these relationships and experience to your journey so that you can enjoy the life changing experience of surrogacy without having to worry about logistics or being bogged down with administrative items.

  • We engage with intended parents who are already working with fertility clinics and, almost always, have embryos ready to transfer before we start working with them. Our intended parents are ready (financially, emotionally, medically, etc.) to get started immediately with their journey. Our requirements and screening process for our parents helps minimize delays in your journey and also ensure that you’re working with high quality parents.

 What our surrogates have to say about Village

Being a surrogate was by far one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Bringing a new life into the world and seeing my intended parents faces full of joy as they held their baby for the first time was truly indescribable.
Village Surrogate “H”
Village surrogacy is a wonderful company to work with as a gestational carrier. They are prompt in all their communication, while being courteous and respectful. They have great insight in matching IP’s, and GCs, and have obviously spent a lot of time understanding their clients. The process they have in place really allow potential matches to get well acquainted to ensure the match is solid before legal is ever signed. This is a unique company that is outstanding in its field.
Village Surrogate “DW”

We’ve Got You

Our village was founded on the belief that every single one of our gestational carriers and intended parents deserve, and should receive, personalized, competent, and consistent support. We will guide you through the entire process of surrogacy from the first hello call to the first heartbeat – -and we’ll be there throughout to assist with any items that arise during the pregnancy. By keeping our “boutique” focus, we ensure that everyone gets the time and personalized attention they deserve – and the best possible surrogacy journey, from start to finish.
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Surrogate Requirements

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To become a surrogate you must:

  • Be 21–42 years old
  • Maintain good physical and mental health
  • Have had at least one full-term, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery
  • Have a BMI of 32 or below
  • Have been off antidepressants or psychotropic medications for at least six months
  • Be in a stable relationship or have a strong support network
  • Be content with your family size
  • Not be in a financial crisis or receiving public assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you have questions, and we are here for you! Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. But, if there is something else that you’re wondering about that isn’t covered below, please reach out! We can’t wait to meet you.
What does the pre-screening process look like with Village Surrogacy?

Our pre-screening process typically includes, among other things:

  • completion of initial questionnaires (and follow-up),
  • a “Hello Call” with one of our coordinators,
  • a background check for you and your partner,
  • a virtual meeting with a reproductive psychologist,
  • a professional review of your insurance policy to determine if it is surro-friendly, and
  • a fertility clinic’s review of your medical records from each of your pregnancies and deliveries.  Surrogates are also required to provide a clearance letter from their OBGYN clearing them for another pregnancy as well as the results of a normal pap smear within the last two years.
How does the matching process work at Village Surrogacy?

We are a boutique agency offering hand-picked personalized matches. This means that we don’t use binders or databases; we get to know all of our gestational carriers and intended parents personally. We spend a lot of time exploring potential matches and making sure those matches align on “hard” criteria like demographics, geography, and termination position. But, we also take the time to learn about and make matches based on “soft” criteria like personality, communication preferences, and relationship expectations. Once we identify parents that we think would be a great fit for your journey, we show you their profile and talk to you about them to make sure that you’re interested in meeting them. We don’t force our surrogates to meet any parent; nor do we push them to match with parents if the parents don’t seem like a great fit for their journey. Once we introduce a gestational carrier and intended parents, the first match “meeting” can happen virtually or in person. We provide coaching for our intended parents and our gestational carriers in advance of match meetings, and are happy to attend match meetings upon request.

What is the base compensation range for Gestational Carriers and how do they get paid?

We believe that every match and journey should be customized to the real humans involved, and this includes compensation. So we have minimum base compensation requirements that our Intended Parents have to meet (at least $45,000 for a first-time gestational carrier and at least $50,000 for an experienced gestational carrier). But, unlike many other agencies, we also allow our intended parents to offer more than the minimum base compensation—and many of our parents do!  At any given time, we typically have intended parents on our roster who are willing to offer significantly higher compensation for the right match! Our compensation requirements also ensure that our gestational carriers receive “normal” stipends for additional milestones in your journey (execution of legal documents, start of medication, transfer, etc.).

How often will I have to travel as a Gestational Carrier?

Typically, gestational carriers will have to go to the intended parents’ fertility clinic one or two times during your journey—typically once for your medical evaluation and then again for embryo transfer. We will work with you to make the arrangements for all travel and ensure that you don’t pay “out-of-pocket” for any expenses associated with your travel. After transfer, your monitoring appointments and OB care will happen locally to you!

What’s the timeline look like after matching with Intended Parents?

The timeline from match to embryo transfer can vary a bit, but most of our matches complete their legal contract (which clears them to head to embryo transfer) in three to four months after matching. There are a lot of variables that can influence this timeline, but the stages that happen after you match with intended parents are:

  • formal medical clearance (office visit, lab work for you and your partner, and a saline ultrasound);
  • formal psychological clearance (typically, this includes three “meetings”, which can sometimes be completed virtually);
  • legal contracts; and
  • pre-transfer medication protocol.

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