Let our Village help you create your family

At Village, we’re committed to making the process more simple and efficient for our intended parents. Many of our intended parents have had prior negative experiences with either (or sometimes both) trying to do the surrogacy process without using an agency or working with a large national agency that charged top-of-market fees and provided no personalized service. Village provides a successful alternative for intended parents who don’t want to struggle with either of those options. We are locally owned and operated in the Triangle area of North Carolina, and we can be available to our carriers and our intended parents in the ways that serve them best. We provide concierge introductions to pre-vetted gestational carriers and facilitate each step of the surrogacy journey until the parties have executed a direct agreement, thus eliminating many of the uncertainties and roadblocks that arise when an Intended Parent tries to “go it alone.”

Simplified Fees. Comprehensive Services. Surrogacy. Simplified.

In our prior work with national agencies, we observed that the fee structures and agency fees seemed higher and more complicated than they should be, and that once the initial match is completed, many intended parents did not value the pregnancy "management" services they were forced to purchase. In some unfortunate circumstances, a pregnancy never resulted from the match, and the intended parents were paying fees associated with a part of the process that never actually happened. Additionally, a lot of intended parents reported feeling disconnected from their agency because it was located far away or too large. At Village, we address these issues by narrowing the scope of services we provide to our intended parents and gestational carriers to only include those services needed to achieve a successful match, signed legal contract and embryo transfer through the execution of a direct agreement between the intended parents and gestational carriers. At that point, we’re happy to continue to be involved and have competitive fee structures for doing so—but we don’t require our clients to continue to pay for additional services beyond that point if they aren’t needed and valued.

A client-driven approach to surrogacy.

At Village, we strive to provide outstanding and localized customer service. When you work with our agency, you’re working with a local team with great professional relationships in our field. Our strongest connections with the Village community (our intended parents, quality gestational carriers, and our professional medical, legal, and psychological teams) are in North Carolina—and we’re excited to work on building families in our own neighborhoods. If you’re open to letting us introduce you to amazing professionals in the area who would love to assist with your journey, we’re excited to help you join our local village.

Becoming a party of the Village family.

We’re proud of the village we’ve built, and we want to offer that village to you. We hope that you’ll review the rest of our site. You’ll see that we have high standards and stringent requirements for our gestational carriers and that we’re committed to making the surrogacy process as enjoyable and affordable for you as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about Village including details on our fee structure, please complete the contact form below or email us at We’re excited to provide you with additional information and hope that you’ll become part of the Village family!