The Foundation of our Village

Thank you for your interest in becoming a surrogate. You will be a key part of something truly unique and special! At Village, we understand that having a vibrant base of quality gestational carriers is the lifeline of a successful surrogacy agency. So, you’ll notice that we spend a significant amount of time recruiting and vetting our gestational carrier candidates to make sure that they are the best possible candidates to embark on a surrogacy journey. We assist our intended parents with growing their families, but we also value, admire, and support our gestational carriers. While our pre-screening process is comprehensive, we feel that ultimately the process benefits our selected gestational carriers as well as our intended parents, so that no one suffers the disappointment of broken matches, or incompatible expectations. Unlike large national agencies, we do not intend to maintain excessive numbers of candidates in our portfolio who sit in a database for an extended period of time. We elect to work with a smaller number of vetted gestational carriers so that we can give customized concierge service and personalized care to everyone in our village, including you! This allows our gestational carriers to be matched more quickly than at many large national agencies, and to be matched with local intended parents so that you can all have a more personalized and positive experience.

Qualifications and Requirements


We are thrilled to meet and work with new gestational carriers. However, there are several important criteria that all of our carriers must satisfy. To be accepted into the pre-screening process, a Village gestational carrier must:


  • Age:  Be 21-42 years of age;

  • Support Network: Be in a married or in a stable committed relationship with someone who is supportive of her decision to be a surrogate, or, if you're not in a relationship, have a great support network around you;

  •  Healthy Pregnancy & Delivery:  Have had at least one full-term and uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery; maximum of three prior c-sections.

  • Current Good Health:  Be in good physical and mental health. Typically, a surrogate will need a BMI of 32 or less and will be required to have been off of any anti-depressants or psychotropic medications for at least six months before transfer.

  • Content with Family Size:  Be satisfied with the size of her own family and/or does not desire to have additional children of her own;

  • No Public Assistance:  Not be on public assistance or in financial crisis (a surrogate's children also cannot be on public assistance)


  • No Criminal Record:  Not have a criminal history for you or your partner/spouse, if applicable.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in becoming one of our gestational carriers, please complete the contact form below or email us at We’re excited to provide you with some additional information and hope that you’ll become part of the Village family!​